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Our solutions for vendors, clinics and patients

Our distribution strategy is that we do not focus only on the interests of clinics or suppliers. We consider the entire path of a product or service from the manufacturer to the end user, and build our work keeping in mind the interests of all 3 groups: manufacturers, clinics and doctors, and of course patients.



We understand that the task of a manufacturer entering a new market is to increase sales, but this is not all.

Entering a new market means registration and certification, compliance with safety standards, proper use, safe storage and logistics, legal security for the manufacturer and reputation. 

Registration and certification on a new markets


Our own certification department, which allows us to provide a full cycle of certification of medical products in the local market. Full compliance with procedures and unimpeded access to the market. 

Logistics, storage and traceability

Scanning Box for Shipment

Logistics in compliance with all the manufacturer's safety requirements, storage conditions in our warehouses, as well as full transparent traceability of the product by serial numbers and expiration dates. 

Promotion, marketing and distribution

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Multichannel marketing according to the type of product. Industry conferences, our own events, our own sales team working throughout the country. We make our partners' products known and desired.


Ophthalmic clinics and doctors

We never sell a "product". We try to understand your needs and offer you a solution. 

Our team's first priority is to understand how your practice is structured, how you work, what challenges you face, and what you want to change for the better in your work. Only after understanding you and comparing our capabilities will we offer a particular product as a solution for you. And once you have chosen a product, we will do everything we can, thanks to the training module, to make the use of any product easy and bring the expected result.  

And if you have any questions, unusual situations or needs in the process, our team is always there to support you and provide the necessary information, advice or solutions. 

Needs evaluation, solution offering, clinical integration

Business meeting

Our goal is primarily the success of our clients. That's why we first try to understand the specifics of your practice to offer the best and most optimal solutions and ensure their effective use through a high-quality clinical integration process.

Logistics, warehouse options, continuity


When dealing with consumables, the most important thing is to ensure that the clinic has what it needs at all times. That's why flexible delivery and advanced warehouse programs for clinics are a priority for us. The same goes for equipment. 

Warranty, service and ongoing support


Supporting our customers is our reputation. We want you to feel safe and comfortable as our partner. If a non-standard situation arises or people changes in the clinic, you can always be sure that all the knowledge is available without any obstacles.



The patient is always our ultimate customer. It is the patient who provides work for the clinic, distributor and manufacturer, and it is to preserve or improve the patient's vision that we work. 

Patients need a special approach because they have limited information about their condition, prospects and treatment technologies that can benefit them. We work to ensure that patients have an informed choice. 

Basic information materials for clinics

Doctor's Appointment

Any well-known manufacturer provides clinics with materials for working with patients - brochures, explanations, etc. And we always guarantee that these materials will be available for your clinic in the local language for the convenience of your patients.

Training clinic staff to communicate with patients

Team Meeting

But materials from the manufacturer are not everything. Communication with patients at different stages of the patient journey are areas of patient loss risk that we pay special attention to during clinical integration. Your staff will be fully prepared for any questions your patients may have. 

Dedicated resources for patient information

Watching something on an ipad

Modern patients often don't stop looking for information after getting answers from supplier materials or talking to doctors. That's why we have our own resources to answer common searches and doubts of patients, whom they trust. And this helps you to win patient's hearts. 

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