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About Technomedex Group

Technomedex Group is Ukraine's first distributor of ophthalmic equipment and consumables, which started operating in 1994 in Kyiv, although the company's roots go back to the production of IOLs and microsurgical instruments in 1989. The first international contract was signed in 1995 with Ztorz Ophthalmics GmbH, and later it was Technomedex that introduced the mass use of phacoemulsification and flexible IOLs in Ukraine. And later, Technomedex expanded its product portfolio to ensure the development of modern ophthalmology in Ukraine. We chose the best, studied, trained doctors and integrated new technologies into the clinical practice of ophthalmology in Ukraine, which we continue to do today.


Since 2018, Technomedex has been operating under the full guidance of professional independent management: CEO Grigory Nosko, CCO Denis Krivulyako and CFO Svetlana Klimenko. This is an important step for business development and improvement of the quality of service for ophthalmology in Ukraine

Over the years, the company has invested a lot of effort in the development of innovative technologies through ongoing training of its own specialists, holding its own conferences and constant support of industry scientific conferences, conducting courses, webinars and creating unique educational resources for both ophthalmology professionals and patients.

This approach is unique in the industry, and we are constantly improving our expertise and enhancing our quality of service to people, working to save the sight of patients in Ukraine and around the world. 


Technomedex Group credo

Technomedex Group is the first ophthalmic distributor in Ukraine, and I can confidently say that it is the best. Why? 

Because since the beginning of my work in the company, I have developed 3 key rules that have become our credo for the following years:

  1. Professionalism is a deep understanding of the industry, partners' needs, and the intricacies of work. Learning and understanding how it works.

  2. Word should be stronger than official contract.

  3. Compliance with work standards means the safety and quality of patients' vision, and by the way, our main client is the patient.

Oleksii Sologub

Technomedex Group co-owner, 

Corporate chairman

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