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The success of an ophthalmology clinic depends on many factors, including the right choice of equipment and consumables. 

Our goal is your undeniable success!

Our solutions for your success in ophthalmology

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Availability of a full range of IOLs in stock, including toric models, even presbyopic segment, and a showroom with equipment in our office. Possibility to install demo equipment at your place. 


Integration into your clinical practice from IOLs (correct calculations, determining the optimal solution for the patient, working with patients) to complex equipment in your clinic. 

Education and service

Unique online resource, where you can always find up-to-date information from general description to clinical practice and latest publications

1. Registration and certification

2. Full logistics cycle

3. Marketing and promotion

4. Education and service

5. Full accordance in complaince

Full distribution cycle

We provide the full distribution cycle in accordance with international quality standards entirely by our team. From registration and certification, certified storage and logistics to maintaining a full product traceability by serial numbers, and ensuring all compliance requirements of our partners. 





Your reliable opthalmic parthner in Ukraine and Moldova.

Reliability is the first thing that any doctor or clinic is interested in. We understand that every day you work to save people's eyesight, and you need a reliable partner who can answer "yes, we have it" in any situation. And we are constantly working to ensure that our warehouses and logistics can provide you with the things you need, wherever you are. 

Stability is another dimension of reliability. It means that for almost 30 years, from 1994 to the present day, we have been working for you consistently. And our credo hasn't changed over this time - we don't just try to sell products, we try to understand your personal needs as best we can and offer a solution that will be most valuable to you. Because our ultimate goal is always the success of our customers, because our success is impossible without yours. 

And this is based on an understanding of how the ophthalmology industry works in Ukraine and the world. We understand that your client is a patient who is afraid of losing and wants to restore their vision, and that is why we always help you in working with your patient. In any situation, we try to listen and understand your needs and help you with what we can do for you. 

We started working in Ukraine, but our scope of activities expanded abroad. That's why we opened a branch in Moldova to provide our esteemed Moldovan colleagues with the same level of service and availability of ophthalmic products that is available in Ukraine. 

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